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If you are looking for NDIS Support Services, look no further than ACCESS Disability Services.

We can support you to overcome isolation, reduce loneliness, build confidence, develop relationships, participate in activities, and connect with family, friends, and community. Freedom of Choice, Inclusion & Participation, Housing, and Independent Living are our core values at Access Disability Services. We pride ourselves on being independent. We only recruit high-quality staff and pay industry-leading wages to make sure we attract and retain the best people. Our customers always come first!

NDIS Support Providers Near Me: If you are looking for NDIS Support providers, we at ACCESS are here for you.

Access Disability Services are established businesses providing a range of therapeutic support and disability services. Our organisations will provide a broad range of professional and therapeutic support that we can offer to exist and potential participants. We aim to become a quality disability service provider, with a prime focus on providing holistic, individualised support for people with disability,their families, and allied health professionals. We’ve assisted hundreds of people with disabilities to achieve their NDIS goals, and access and implement their plans. We are here to provide NDIS disability services for our clients.

Our Services

Our company delivers services with a commitment to personalised care and efficiency. Through a client-centric approach, we prioritise individual needs, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience that meets and exceeds expectations, our services include:

National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a comprehensive social welfare program in Australia designed to support individuals with disabilities. It provides financial assistance and services to enhance the quality of life and promote independence among eligible participants. NDIS offers personalized plans that cater to specific needs, covering a wide range of supports such as healthcare, education, employment, and daily living. Participants can choose their service providers and exercise greater control over their support arrangements. It aims to create a more inclusive society by empowering people with disabilities to actively engage in their communities and lead fulfilling lives while receiving necessary assistance and resources.

NDIS Transport Services

We at ACCESS Disability Services have NDIS Service coordinators for NDIS transport services. Our NDIS Transport Services play a crucial role in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by facilitating accessible transportation for individuals with disabilities in Australia. Our services ensure that NDIS participants can access essential activities, appointments, and community engagements with ease. Whether it’s medical appointments, educational programs, or social outings, NDIS Transport Services offer tailored solutions that accommodate various mobility needs, including wheelchair accessibility and specialized vehicles. By reducing transportation barriers, these services empower individuals with disabilities to lead more independent and active lives, fostering social inclusion and enhancing their overall well-being, while also aligning with the broader goals of the NDIS to improve the quality of life for participants.

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Group Centre Based Activities NDIS

Group Centre-Based Activities are a vital component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. These activities provide structured and supportive environments where NDIS participants can engage in various programs and social interactions tailored to their needs. These may include skill development, therapy, recreation, and education. Group Centre-Based Activities aim to enhance participants’ independence, communication skills, and community integration. They foster a sense of belonging and help individuals with disabilities build relationships while pursuing personal goals. The NDIS funds and supports these activities, recognizing their significance in promoting inclusion, self-esteem, and overall well-being among participants, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive society.

All our NDIS Support Workers are here for you and working with you in providing NDIS Daily personal support.

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We are servicing to the following areas:

  • Bankstown NDIS Provider
  • Liverpool NDIS Provider
  • Fairfield NDIS Providers
  • Meerylands NDIS Providers

NDIS Gardening Services/ Lawn Moving Services

We at ACCESS are providing NDIS services in Australia with our NDIS Service providers. Our NDIS Gardening Services provide essential lawn maintenance for individuals with disabilities under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our dedicated team offers expert lawn mowing services, ensuring well-manicured lawns that enhance both aesthetics and accessibility. We understand the unique needs of NDIS participants, offering tailored solutions to accommodate mobility challenges and sensory sensitivities. Our services promote independence and improve the overall quality of life by creating a safe and pleasant outdoor environment. With a commitment to inclusivity and professionalism, NDIS Gardening Services ensures that every client enjoys a beautifully maintained garden that contributes to their well-being and happiness.


Our organisations will provide a broad range of professional and therapeutic supports that we can offer for existing and potential participants. It is our aim to become a quality disability service provider, with a prime focus on providing wholistic, individualized supports for people with disability,their families and allied health professional.


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