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Counselling is the process between a counsellor and a client, to face some difficulties in the client’s life that cause stress and feelings within the client. The role of a counsellor is to help the client view their life issues more clearly, or from a different point of view. The clients face their true emotions, feelings, and stress and change the negative into positive. In our counselling services we are using CBT, humanistic approach, client centred, Narrative approach, Art therapy, Grief, Family therapy, psychodynamic, and solution focused modalities.

Private counselling:

Private counselling is the private practice of counselling, by having their own private practitioners and offices that are run by them as well as run on their own schedules. The private practice will run throughout the week and can include the weekend, as well as anytime the office decides on. Private counsellors will work under many circumstances such as hospitals, substance abuse and rehabilitation facilities or just in their own office. private counsellors are member of Australian Counselling Association.

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